Telemedicine allows you to have a full consult with your veterinarian without coming to the clinic by connecting you and your veterinarian by a video-link through your phone or computer. You will be able to discuss your concerns with the vet, and they will be able to query the case history and conduct a limited examination of your pet with the help of you and your camera. Depending on case particulars, we may recommend treatment and prescribe medications without an in-clinic visit. In other cases, we will want to see you in-clinic to allow a more thorough exam, perform lab or imaging diagnostics, or render treatment.

The practice of telemedicine requires that you are current client of Revelstoke Veterinary Clinic, and that your pet has been seen for an in-clinic examination recently.

In cases where an in-clinic visit is recommended from the telemedicine consult, the telemedicine consult fee of $55.50 will be applied toward the in-clinic exam fee – ie. you will pay only the in-clinic exam fee.