Dr. Julia Jackson

Dr. Julia Jackson grew up in Ontario and obtained her DVM from the Ontario Veterinary College.  She arrived in Revelstoke in 1998 to serve as the town’s first residing veterinarian. In 2010, after their two children were in school, Julia and her husband purchased what became the Revelstoke Veterinary Clinic. Julia is proud to have transformed the clinic from a part-time satellite practice into a full service 6 days-a-week clinic offering veterinary care of the highest standard. 

Revelstoke’s authentic small-town feel, it’s solid, caring community, and the limitless opportunities to mountain climb and ski are what brought Julia to Revelstoke.  She has strived to maintain the small-town values of familiarity, kindness and accessibility-to-all while at the same time delivering uncompromising, top-quality care to all her clients and patients.  She deeply appreciates the long-term clients who have shared and supported the clinic’s development and enjoys welcoming those who are newly arrived to make their lives in our special town.  Julia is honoured by the trust that has been given her as the provider of veterinary care to the community of Revelstoke.

Dr. Jackson has strongly pursued and developed a professional interest in small animal dentistry and sees it as a key element in the lifelong care of companion animals. She has time-and-again seen remarkable improvements in the quality of life of dogs and cats resulting from attending to their dental health.

Julia’s family includes Kindle and Iggy, the current members of a succession of Belgian Shepherds (Tervuren), and horses Markus and Seven.

Dr. Jackson is proud to have brought associate veterinarians Dr. Connor Silverthorn and Dr. Teresa Flanigan onto the Revelstoke Veterinary Clinic team, which has facilitated the continued provision of timely, comprehensive veterinary care under ever-increasing demand, and enabled further expansion of our services into acupuncture and equine care.

Dr. Teresa Flanigan

Dr. Teresa Flanigan grew up in Rhode Island, USA, and then spent more than a decade living in Colorado. She graduated with her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) and MPH (Masters of Public Health) from Colorado State University (CSU). She joined the Revelstoke Veterinary Clinic in May, 2018. 

Teresa’s veterinary curriculum at CSU focused on large animal medicine, and her professional interests include large and small animal medicine. Holistic medicine is another strong interest and Teresa carries both her canine and equine acupuncture certification.

In her spare time, Teresa can typically be found playing outside with her partner Kareem — skiing, biking, hiking, and backpacking or cooking and reading at home with their two cats Elvira and Milan.

Dr. Connor Silverthorn

Dr. Connor Silverthorn graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in 2016, after transitioning from the biology program at the University of Victoria in 2012. He joined the Revelstoke Veterinary Clinic in November, 2018. Having grown up in nearby Nelson, coming to Revelstoke was like arriving home again.   

Connor has a professional interest in small animal medicine, surgery, and dentistry. His personal interests include the outdoors (biking, hiking, camping, and skiing) and sports (soccer and squash). He shares his love of the outdoors with his wife, Veronica, and their two dogs, Osa and Loon.