Dental maintenance is an essential part of every horse’s health program. Horses’ teeth erupt continuously throughout their lives, constantly growing to counter the wear from the grinding action of their chewing. This wear typically does not occur evenly, and often produces sharp enamel points that can ulcerate fragile tissues in the mouth, as well as hooks on the upper teeth and ramps on the lower teeth that can restrict the mobility of the lower jaw, affecting the horse’s comfort and performance.

When your horse receives a dental, standing sedation is administered, and a complete oral exam is performed. A guarded power float tool is used to remove points and correct abnormalities in wear. If present, wolf teeth may be extracted when indicated. Other abnormalities such as mobile or fractured teeth may be identified and treated as needed.

With a regular dental program, your horse will be less likely to develop marked dental abnormalities that could lead to more complicated and costly conditions. We recommend oral exams begin just prior to starting the horse under saddle, then recur annually throughout their working life into retirement.