Kitten Wellness

The first few months of your kittens’ life are a critical period in their development, and we will give you the help and support necessary to help him or her grow into a well-mannered, healthy cat. Please schedule your first vet visit for as soon as possible after you bring them home. It’s our opportunity to meet and get to know your kitten and establish a positive relationship. We’ll conduct a gentle exam to ensure they’re healthy and to identify any concerns. We’ll also administer their first vaccines to help them establish their own immunity now that they’re no longer protected by their mothers’ antibodies, and deworming medication to eliminate intestinal worms that most kittens carry. Finally, we’ll take time to talk with you about your puppy and answer your questions, and offer you information and advice on:

  • the importance of positive encounters and socialization to their behaviour and mental wellness,
  • growth and development expectations, nutrition, and appropriate exercise and activity,
  • dental development and the importance of professional care,
  • planning for spaying/neutering,
  • at-home care for their skin, coat, ears and teeth, and
  • the availability of pet insurance programs that can take the uncertainty out of veterinary care expenses.